Hello World! We're Zonino. It's a pleasure.

Zonino HQ

Beer is to software what steam was to the industrial revolution.

Well, hello there.

You're lucky enough to have found our very first blog post. Hopefully in the coming months you'll find this little corner of the interblagosphere filled to the very brim with juicy insights about what we're building and what we're learning along the way. The insights are unlikely to be profound; a lot of people have written a lot about building stuff long before we started dabbling in these murky waters. But maybe they'll be entertaining. Heck, maybe even useful. Which reminds me of a splendid quote by David Cox: "All models are wrong. But some are useful." Sir David Cox (no less) was talking about statistics (no less) but I'd like to think the quote applies well to blog posts and the bottom half of the internet in general. Nearly everything everyone has to say is wrong – but at least some of it might be useful.

Charming. So what is Zonino?

Well, it's pretty simple really. We built a thing that goes off and crawls the websites of a whole load of London startups. It finds tech jobs and a bunch of information about them and stores them in a database. We also built a website that lets you search those jobs based on your skills or browse by the startups themselves. We call the whole thing "Zonino". That's it. It's particularly useful because it's bang up to date. We scrape all of these startups nightly so we post jobs as soon as they appear online. As soon as a startup you're interested in is hiring for a new role you'll find it on Zonino. And even better, we link directly to the startups so there are no recruiters or cryptic mystery job descriptions to worry about.

We really hope you find the site useful and we love talking to folks about what we're trying to do. Just drop us a cheeky little email or fire off a tweet to @ZoninoJobs.

By the way, you look lovely today.