Why we love Mozilla Persona. And why you should, too.

Zonino alerts are powered by Mozilla Persona.  And it's awesome

In a nutshell, Persona is great for us because it means that we don't have to store anyone's passwords and nobody has to create a new account to log in to Zonino.

Persona makes signing in really easy for developers and users. You can reuse your Persona account on many websites. And you don't even need to create a new password if you're using gmail or yahoo mail thanks to Identity Bridging. If you use a different email provider that's ok, too; Persona will ask you to create a password that you can reuse on all Persona enabled websites. The nice thing here is that none of those websites need to store that password - because Persona vouches for you when you sign in. Really neat, no more password leaking.

Now Mozilla is by no means a perfect organisation that builds perfect products. A good example from Aral Balkan at the January Hacker News London Meetup is that the initial date setup for Firefox OS defaults to 1980. That's just silly. But such minor UX indescretions are just that: Minor. That Mozilla is a not-for-profit organistion and improving the web platform is their core mission garners an amount of kudos that the other big players in their space can only dream of. They have a plinth in San Francisco honouring contributors to Firefox. Our buddy Pedro is on there. That's just awesome.

We don't know your password. Google doesn't know you're signing in to Zonino. That's cool.

Importantly, unlike signing in using your Facebook, Google or similar account directly, you don't need to give up any of your private information just to sign in. And even more importantly, if say you sign in using Gmail Identity Bridging, Google doesn't get to know which websites you're signing in to - they only see Persona is checking someones identity.

We think that Persona is a great attempt at improving usability, security and privacy when it comes to managing logins and passwords on the web and we're excited to try it out here at Zonino.

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Now perhaps this post is a little less playful than usual but I make no apologies. We're talking about privacy here - and we take that shit seriously.

UPDATE: Mozilla have put Persona into maintenance mode. Read about it here.

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