We really do love Mozilla Persona. And that's why we're sticking with it.

Zonino alerts are powered by Mozilla Persona.  And it's awesome

Back in February we wrote an article about why we love Mozilla Persona. Perhaps we will spare other projects this curse of the Zonino blog as less than a month later Mozilla announced that Persona would be put into maintenance mode and handed over to the community for all new feature development.

This is a real shame for us because we're huge advocates of Persona. It's bloody great. And from the buzz on Hacker News and at meetups it seems we're not alone in thinking so.

Something Mozilla do very well is introspection. I think a lot of other people and companies would do well to take a leaf out of their book. Their list of reasons why Persona failed to gain widespread adoption seems right on the money; the points succinct and accurate.

This leaves us with a problem: Do we scrap persona and use something else? Luckily there's a simple answer: Of course not.

Mozilla are commiting to supporting Persona users and if there was ever a community I would trust to rustle up new features it's theirs.

We will continue to use persona for our account sign-ins for the foreseeable future: It goes a long way to solving most of our needs and is a really great tool for smaller sites like ours where we don't have time to build an entire secure account management system.

We still love you, Persona. Don't worry about a thing.

If you want to give persona a whirl you can use it to sign in to Zonino and get email alerts when London tech startups post new jobs!