Oh, you still use Wordpress for your blog? That's adorable.

Don't get me wrong: I love Wordpress. I really do. Matt Mullenweg is one of those frustratingly cool people who does really cool stuff at his really cool company. He was one of the most interesting people I saw talk at London Web Summit back in March. Buying small companies and open-sourcing their codebases? Right on, bro!

But, like Ghost founder John O'Nolan points out in his Kickstarter pitch, Wordpress is now a maddeningly complicated CMS and not a blogging platform. It's grown. And if all you want to do is write words in a way that's convenient for people to read, then it has not grown for the better.

Ghost Logo

Now the pitch in that video is exactly that and O'Nolan can be forgiven for his self-indulgent style and name-dropping. This is a video designed to reassure and compel investors and he does a bloody good job. What I'm much less on board with is the spectacular hubris that's somewhere between laughable and profoundly obnoxious:

"...we're making this because it needs to exist. Ghost is about the future of the freedom of speech..."

Um. What? John, mate. Buddy. Old Pal. Get a grip. We're talking about a blogging platform here.

But that's all the cynicism I have to offer. You see, I had to try really really hard to find something I don't like about Ghost. And the best I could manage was the last couple of sentences of an otherwise slick video. Truth be told Ghost is absolutely superb and I doff my cap to O'Nolan for making it happen. He seems like the perfect chap to be at the helm.

Ghost lacks features. But that's the point, doofus. And it's sublimely beautiful.

I don't miss Wordpress one bit. It now seems so cumbersome by comparison. Ghost's side-by-side editting is a dream. Nothing is even a little bit confusing (so long as you, like me, go a bit nuts for markdown). Sure, there are no SEO tools but I can make some pretty hefty concessions when the reward is a platform that's so effortlessly and magnificently simple. And so very, very pretty.

Ditch Wordpress. Give Ghost a whirl. You won't regret it.