Just another self-indulgent post announcing new features for Zonino.

But my goodness these features are cool!

First up, take a moment to zip over to the brand new Zonino site.  Don't worry, I'll wait right here for you.  Go on.

Wow! Wasn't that awesome?!  We've pretty much torn the old site apart and rebuilt it - because that's how we roll.  We really hope you like it and it makes everything a bit cleaner and less fussy.  But the proof of the pudding is in the eating.  And in this case our metaphorical gastronomic delights are yours for the devouring.  We'd really love to hear what you think (especially if there are parts you don't like) so please  get in touch with your feedback.  We actually like hearing from real people.  If only in 140 character rant-nuggets.

But wait... there's more!

Even cooler than our site tinkering is that we're introducing email alerts!  Our robot goes off and scrapes the big wide scary interwebosphere every night to find new jobs that have been posted by London startups.  Now you can set up an alert that will be used to send updates whenever jobs that match your skills are posted.  No need to go job hunting at startups - we'll deliver the relevant roles straight to your inbox.

Here are a few reassurances:  We're not going to go selling your email address to anyone else.  Screw that.  Also, we use Mozilla Persona because we think it's the simplest way to sign in to things while protecting your privacy.  We don't want to know your shoe size and where you like to go for lunch (although Savage Salads on Berwick Street is really rocking our socks right now - you should give it a whirl if you're ever in our part of town).  There's more to come next time around on why we love Persona and we think you should too.

And finally, a disclaimer...

So, here's the thing:  This whole email alert thing is brand new.  We're still tweaking it.  To call it a beta release is ambitious.  The chances are it'll go a bit wrong and maybe you'll get a couple of silly looking emails.  But such is the price you pay for being on the bleeding edge of startup job alerting usefulness!  Seriously though, we'd love to have you on board.  This is going to be an awesome adventure and who knows, this might be the click that leads to your dream job falling into your lap.  And for us that would make this all worth while.

Sign up lickety-split to get a shiny email the moment a startup posts a job for someone like you!